Want A Ripped Body? Find Out What It Takes!

Possessing a ripped body was previously confined to athletes and bodybuilders alone, but now many fitness-conscious men are doing their best to get those well developed ripped abs, packs, triceps and biceps. Getting a ripped body is being looked upon as something that would consolidate a man’s masculinity. Read on to know the secrets of how you can also get a ripped body.

Getting ripped is getting muscular by burning down body fat. The process of getting ripped involves building of lean muscle mass contrasted with fat metabolism which occurs to such an extent that the person who has a ripped body contains very little body fat percentage and has more emphasized muscles. His muscular details; i.e. striations and groups jut out boldly and by looking at his drum-tight skin, one can easily make out these pronounced details. A ripped body, in other words, resembles an anatomy chart. Though ‘Ripped’ is relative term that simply means having low body fat percentage as compared to the person’s body weight, for most men the very concept of getting ripped means having lower than 7% body fat.

Are You Ready To Get Ripped?

Before we tell you how you can get ripped and get that dream physique, you need to answer a simple question – Am I ready to get ripped? Understand, getting ripped is no easy job and requires a lot of work with strong dedication and extreme focus. Also, getting too ripped and losing too much body fat will come with health concerns. Not only will getting ripped require ridiculous amount of discipline and hard efforts, it might not be the healthiest choice for you.

So, if you think that you have the time to make that kind of dedication and are getting ripped because you want to prove some point, it is best to talk to your doctor once. A complete body examination will tell you if losing all that body fat will pose any health concerns. If not, let us begin with the 5 important components of getting a Ripped Physique.

#1 – Overcoming The ‘Weight’ Hurdle

You might think that the most important aspect to getting ripped might be workout or nutrition, but the truth is that the most important thing is to get over the mental hurdle in your mind about your weight. For many men, the first question is, “I want to get ripped but I don’t want to lose weight”.

This reveals that most guys are more concerned of their weight on scales than on getting ripped. Please understand getting ripped will have nothing to do with your weight but has everything to do with body fat percentage. It is very much possible to lose body fat and not lose muscle mass, but then its basic arithmetic that your weight will reduce. After all, you are losing fat! Even if you maintain your Lean Body Mass, you will inevitably lose weight on the scales. Even bodybuilders weight just around 75 to 80kgs at 5’10” to 5’11”. So if you really want to achieve a ripped body that is less bulky as compared to a bodybuilder, you need to be ready to accept weight loss to even 70-72kgs.

Please understand, the leaner you are, the more defined your muscles will be and you will ‘look’ bigger, even if you don’t weight too much.

#2 – Creating A Disciplined Nutrition Spreadsheet

It is a nutritional challenge to lose fat without losing muscle mass. If you want a real shot at losing fat, you need to ensure that you eat fewer calories than you burn. And the biggest problem is that the leaner you become, the trickier this energy balance becomes too. And for this precise reason, it is not possible to get ripped and lose that stubborn fat without counting calories.  And not only that, you need some other specifics too. Let’s take a look at what you need to consider:

  • Number of calories you eat every day.
  • Breakdown of macronutrients – that is, the exact amount of protein, carbs and fat in each meal or snack.
  • The time at which you eat these calories.

Because counting calories is too tedious, it is better to simply create a nutritional spreadsheet that offers you a breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in each meal option and snack options, and then choosing one every day while taking in to consideration the overall calorie and macronutrient intake.

Again, for each bodybuilder, the percentage distribution for macronutrients is different and is based upon many factors. While some think the best ratio between Protein, Carbs and Fat is 40:40:20, others think that 40:30:30 is a more apt ratio. This is something you will have to figure e out on your own, based on how you respond to carbohydrates.

#3 – Choosing The Best Strength Training Routine

You might have heard many training programs claiming that they are the best to get ripped, but then you will so many programs claiming to be the ‘best’ that you will be forced to wonder if any one program is best or not. Right – there is no ONE program that is best to get ripped, any good strength training program will make you ripped.

As long as you choose a well proven strength training program, you are guaranteed to build muscle mass while burning body fat.

Some great exercises are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Circuit training workouts
  • Bodyweight training exercises
  • Kettlebell and dumbbell workouts
  • Bodybuilding workouts like bench presses and squats

Understand that strength training is the key to retain Lean Body Mass, when you create a calorie deficit to shred fat. Simply follow a strength training routine that focuses on compound exercises that aim to work on several muscles and not a single muscle group. You can create more progression, add more intensity and make sure your pace is fast for guaranteed fat loss. Remember, getting ripped is mainly a nutritional challenge and strength training though secondary, is very important to maintain the lean body mass.

#4 – Figuring Out How Much Cardiovascular Exercises You Need

You might think that the best way to lose fat percentage is to focus on cardiovascular exercises. However, this will also be dependent upon your genetic makeup. This is because while for some it is imperative to do 45 to 60 minutes of cardio every day, for others simply creating a caloric deficit through diet is enough to lose fat.

To know whether cardio exercises are a good idea for you or not, you can start by doing 30 minutes every day. If you notice that you are losing Lean Body Mass, reduce this to 30 minutes of interval training once every two days. If not, you can increase cardio to 60 minutes a day for 5 days a week to maximize fat loss.

#5 – Determine Your Carbohydrate Tolerance

Why are we singling out carbohydrates? The answer is simple – the body uses carbs as primary fuel to derive energy. If you eat more carbs than your body can burn, you risk storing these extra calories as fat. However, no one can really tell you how much carbohydrate intake is right, because when it comes to bodybuilding and nutrition, there is no ‘One Size Fits All’ approach.

The fact is, carbohydrate intake is a variable that is determined to quite a large extent upon your genetic disposition. Some people lose fat faster if they are on a low carbohydrate diet, while others do just as well on a moderate carbs diet. For some, eating too many carbs will result in a spike in insulin and prevent fat loss. For others, eating too few carbs will result in muscle catabolism, where muscles will break down and Lean Body Mass will be affected. This one is a variable you need to play around with by trying different ratios of carbohydrate intake and charting the success closely to know which approach works for you – high carbohydrate, moderate carbohydrate or low carbohydrate.

Important Tip: Stress can ruin all your attempts to get ripped. If you want your efforts to be a success, de-stress yourself. If your stress levels are high, a hormone known by the name of Cortisol will be produced in your body and it will cause fat storage in large amounts especially in the belly region. If you wish to have a mid section that is firm and taut enough, stress has to be eliminated from your life.

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