Top 10 Foods For Flat Abs

Are you ready to do anything for flatter abs? While there are a large number of exercises that target to strength and tone your core muscles, cardio exercises are what will help you first lose the weight around your abs so that you can show off your flat abdomen. However, to lose weight around the belly area, just exercises are not enough. You also need the right diet, one that consists of waist whittling foods for those fabulously sculpted abs.

Some foods can have an astounding effect on the fat accumulated around your belly. These foods target the abdominal area, working to melt off the fat so you no longer have to do 100 crunches every day and still feel disappointed that your abs don’t look as great as famous bodybuilders. Now getting a sleek and sexy midriff is no longer impossible! These foods are rich in fiber so they banish bloat, and the antioxidants in some of these foods will make your abs routine a lot more effective. The proteins will boost your metabolism and the end result will not fail to surprise you. Add these 10 super foods to your diet and see the difference!

1.      Almonds –

Filled with the goodness of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, and a filling portion of both fiber and protein, Almonds are the Number 1 food to get flatter abs. The magnesium content in almonds ensures you have lots of energy for those workouts at the gym and almonds also help you to build more muscle and maintain muscle tissues by regulating your blood sugar levels. Dr. David Katz, a professor at Yale University School of Medicine says, “A stable blood-sugar level helps prevent cravings that can lead to overeating and weight gain”. Almond is a lean nut; their cell composition reduces absorption of fats, which has a calorie blocking effect. Try to eat 18 to 23 almonds every day for the best results. You can distribute them to make for a healthy mid-morning and mid0evening snack.

2.      Eggs –

The best protein source in the world, what makes eggs stand out is the balanced portions of healthy amino acids they offer. Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Centre have found that people who add eggs to their breakfast tend to feel less hungry throughout the day. So ditch those breakfast cereals and plain toast breakfasts, they don’t really do much for your abs. Instead, fill up on eggs in the morning and see how much energy you have through the day.

A bonus point – Eating eggs for breakfast will keep you out of the cookie jar around 12 noon, when your blood sugars dwindle and you crave a sugar filled snack. Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar, PhD says, “Eggs are great because they offer the perfect combination of proteins and healthy fats that satiate hunger and prevent drop in blood sugar levels”.

3.      Apples –

An apple a day keeps the doctor away….and now an apple a day also keeps belly fat away! Apple has 85% water, which fills up your stomach. And it also has 5grams of high quality fiber for better digestion. Bonus – apples are rich in quercetin that fights cancer, reduces cholesterol and even makes your lungs healthier. They are rich in antioxidants too and should be added to your daily diet. However, remember that it is best to eat fruit alone and not with a meal. Fruits tend to digest faster, as they have natural sugar and don’t tax the body with a very complicated digestive functioning. Eating apples post lunch or dinner will not offer you the same benefits as eating them on an empty stomach, so that the nutrients are released rapidly and absorbed by your body.

4.       Soy –

Soybeans offer protein, antioxidants and fiber, while they are also one of the most versatile foods on this list. You can have soy bilk, try a vegetable made with soybean, eat tofu or even have soya nuggets. The Journal of American College of Nutrition has published a study that reveals that people who have soy milk lost twice as much weight as those who drank regular milk. Opt for whole soy food products as opposed to packaged soy proteins; the latter might not give you all the benefits of this miraculous abs flattening food.

5.      Leafy Green Veggies –

We all know vegetables are very good for us, but give special attention to leafy greens to help your waistline shrink a few sizes! They are low in calories, and high in fiber. Most leafy veggies are also a great source of calcium, another nutrient that has been proven to help lose belly fat and improve muscle contractions. Try and eat 3 servings of leafy greens every day. Cook spinach with cottage cheese, add lettuce to your sandwiches and make a nice brown rice pulao with broccoli and cabbage.

6.      Berries –

If you want flat abs, berries are your best friend. This is because berries are full of fiber, and when you eat more fiber, your body doesn’t get to absorb all the calories from the other foods you have eaten. Fiber quickly traps all food particles, releasing it out of your system before it has been fully digested. Also, berries are rich in antioxidants and that will improve your muscle contractions as well as your blood flow, both very important for your workouts. Try and eat half a cup of berries every day.

7.      Yogurt –

Studies have shown that people, who get their daily calcium requirements from yogurt as opposed to other dairy products, tend to put on less weight around their midsection. This study was published in International Journal of Obesity and created more awareness about the advantages of eating yogurt. Yogurt is filled with healthy bacteria which improves digestion, removes bloat and constipation and all this helps the tummy look flatter. Choose fat-free or low-fat version of yogurt. Don’t add sugar to your yogurt or buy the sweetened fruit-flavored yogurt available in the market. The extra sugar will do no good for your abs. instead, chop fresh fruit into unsweetened yogurt or enjoy yogurt plain.

8.      Whole Grains –

Complex carbohydrates are a good source of extra energy. So try to diversify your approach to complex carbohydrates, because different grains offer different nutritional benefits. Choose whole grains with the good fiber you need to lose your stomach. Whole grains are good sources of energy needed for extended workouts.

9.     Vegetable Soup –

Eating a bowl of soup twice a day will not only suppress your appetite, it will also make sure you lose weight at a regular pace. It’s an easy way to eat high fiber vegetables, and the super combination of solid and liquid together makes sure you feel satiated and don’t reach for unhealthy snacks. Eat a bowl of vegetable soup every day before lunch and dinner, and be prepared to lose as much as 8kgs (especially from your tummy) by the end of the year!

10.   Oily Fish –

Oily fish is one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids – an EFA or essential fatty acid that improves your glucose-insulin relation, boosts your metabolism and helps mobilize fat reserves in the body so that your body burns this excess fat to generate energy instead of breaking down muscle tissue. It digests slow, preventing cravings and the protein in oily fish is one of the most abs-friendly forms of protein. Aim to eat grilled, smoked or steamed fish 3 to 4 times a week.

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