The Cross Fit Workout: Are You Ready?

With new Reebok Cross fit gyms cropping up in all Metro cities and their strong advertising campaign – Cross Fit has become the new talk of the town in Fitness circles. In America Cross fit gyms have skyrocketed to fame, they tend to be something of a nationwide epidemic with loads of teenagers and middle aged men and women trying them out.

Cross Fit takes a different approach to fitness. This method which uses strength training and conditioning programs is inspired by fitness programs that are a combination of Military and armed forces training routine, some forms of martial arts and fitness programs used by Police training academies. The fitness levels it offers are general, inclusive and broad – which means they are suitable for anyone who is a fitness buff and wants to test his/her fitness levels and put them through a real test. Some might say that Cross Fit is for anyone and everyone – it doesn’t matter what your age, occupation, fitness levels and built are, Cross Fit will benefit you in to adopting a healthier lifestyle and staying in shape. But is that really true?

Who Is The Cross Fit Workout For?

Don’t expect to dress in flashy sports attire and leave the gym with no more than a few sweat stains. The Cross Fit workout is very demanding and you need to be dressed in lose, breathable clothes to let your body handle that levels of calorie burning and perspiring. In fact, the workouts are so intense, most beginners throw up the first few times! But ask any Army Officer and he or she will tell you that this is exactly what happened to them the first few days at training academy. The workouts are so rigorous, they can churn up food you ate hours ago and bust calories like nothing you have ever experienced! If you are not brave and adventurous, the Cross Fit workout is not for you. If you love fitness machines and swear by your Multi-gym and Treadmill routine, the Cross Fit is not for you. But if you are ready to take your fitness to new levels with bare minimum equipment and attain the rock hard body that only comes from strength training and hard work, then read on!

Examples Of Cross Fit Workout

With Cross Fit training, every day brings a new challenge, a new workout. You try progressive training, which means you need to constantly push yourself every single day.

An example would be:

Day 1: Start with a 5km run. After that, perform 100 pull ups, 200 pushups and round off with 300 squats using nothing but bodyweight. Finish with another 5km run and slower your speed as you near the end.

Day 2: Complete a 5km run. Start with 120 pull ups, do weighted pushup to 225. Round off with 300 squats using 5kg weights. Finish with another run.

Day 3: Today you do thrusters and pull ups. Set 1 will have 21 thrusters and 21 pull ups; Set 2 will have 15 thrusters and 15 pull ups; Set 3 will have 9 thrusters and 9 pull ups. Then you do 50 burpee pull ups for time.

So you see, the workouts are very intense and since they use mainly your body weight and some additional weight to further condition muscles, the workouts don’t really require hi-tech equipment. In all earnest, a Cross Fit workout can be done from anywhere – it can be done at home with the right equipment if you are short on time and it can also be done on your travels.

The Right Diet For Cross Fit

Since Cross Fit workouts are not forgiving, you will need a very high protein, high carbohydrate and low fat diet. Some experts recommend the Paleo diet to be the best. This is an All-Natural diet where the dieter eats only naturally found foods. Like raw vegetables, fish and game meat, wild fruits, eggs and nuts. Nothing processes or packaged is allowed on this diet, which is the primary reason it is so healthy. It is a natural caveman diet that is high in proteins and animal fats and low in carbohydrates because the only carbs are coming from fruits and vegetables.  However, this diet has also garnered a lot of controversy over the years, and some think it to be a bit extreme.

So ideally, choose a balanced diet that cuts down on processed foods that could be sugar or salt laden to a minimum and eat a balanced healthy home cooked diet that includes meats, eggs, multigrain cereals, wild and brown rice, fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget fats; you need both your Omega 6 and Omega 3 for a well rounded fitness and so eating more of nuts, olive oil, fish and flaxseed are all good for you.

Cross Fit Supplementation

All athletes and body builders need supplements, but since Cross Fit is extremely intense, Cross Fitters might need something extra. Research has shown that those engaged in Cross Fit workout will benefit from orally consumed BCAAs that will reduce muscle breakdown after such an extensive workout. It will aid fat loss and regulate blood sugar levels and also delay fatigue. It is important to concentrate on post workout nutrition and to always take a good multi-vitamin and Omega 3 supplements when on the Cross Fit fitness program.

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