Chaos And Pain: Brutal Bodybuilding Methodology That Has Fast Effects!

Endorsed by the famous power lifter Jeremy Wood, the Chaos and Pain training method guarantees fast results that stay for long. There is a reason that many people haven’t heard of this training methodology – it is brutal and calls for you to change your lifestyle.

First heard of in Jamie Lewis’s blog, the Chaos and Pain training method is soon gaining popularity. You cannot exactly call it a training method alone, because it seems more like a lifestyle change. It is a 100% hardcore training routine where you will lift more weight and do things most people will not dare to do. But before you can decide whether the Chaos and Pain is right for you or not, let us understand this brutally intense training methodology a little better.

What Exactly Is Chaos And Pain?

Chaos and Pain requires you to train hard. Instead of lifting moderate weights for 3 sets, each with 6 to 8 reps, you concentrate more on heavier weights. The trick is to have only 2 or maximum 3 reps in each set. What you increase is the number of sets, so that your muscles get a little rest in between. While some people do 12 sets of 2 reps, others will do 10 sets of 3 reps. If you want to go for singles, 15 is the highest you need to go. You need to choose heavy compound exercises, and aim to do just 3 in a workout. The workout should be followed 3 days a week, and you could either repeat the same exercises of bring variations on different days. Try and add many partials to this program, like partial squats, partial leg raises, partial rack pulls. Since you are doing several partial exercises, you are required to load on more weight to keep your body challenged.

An example would be: Do partial squats, 3 reps in 10 sets. Then do 15 singles of push press. And finish up with bent over rows, 10 sets of 3 reps in each.

How Does The Chaos And Pain Workout Work?

After months of spending an hour at the gym where you lift moderate weights and do the same exercises over and over, your body gets used to the workouts and you risk hitting a plateau. The Chaos and Pain is a crazy workout – you break the rules you have spend years learning simply to challenge the body. You were told not to lift more weight than you easily can; now you change the rules and do exactly that, but you simply reduce the reps.

The program is based on age old lifting tricks, when power lifters like Chuck Sipes and Paul Anderson ruled the body building world. That was a simpler time, when steroids didn’t exist in the world and the only way to get real big was to get really innovative and change workouts often. The idea is to train hard and train consistently. Though the Chaos and Pain is not a workout for a beginner, it can greatly help those who have worked out all their life and are now finding it very difficult to keep your bodies challenged. It is advisable to start slow – begin with 2 heavy days a week and 1 light day and progress to 3 fully fledged heavy days at the gym.

What is most amazing about this workout is that you will utilize all the knowledge you have gained over the years, use the same exercises that you have been for years, simply with a new twist. It goes without saying that after years at the gym, you would have learnt about all the best compound exercises, especially the ones that work very well for you. Now use that knowledge to change these workouts by keeping the range of movements same but lifting a lot more weight than before.

The Chaos and Pain workout aims to strengthen your muscles, keep them challenged and greatly enhance your endurance levels. For those who dream to grow real big, this is one of the best workouts out there.

What Would An Ideal Week On Chaos And Pain Training Regimen Look Like?

Since you can do almost any compound exercise and bring variations to them by using partials, the workout regimen will be ever changing. There are no limits, be innovative and try all the exercises you have learnt through experience. The only rule is to lift a lot more weight and keep reps limited to 3. However, if you would like to see a sample workout schedule, try this one for the first week and then build your own personalized workout routine. Make sure you are lifting as much weight as you can, considering you require only 3 reps in each set.


  • Push press – Do 10 sets with only 3 reps in each.
  • Partial Squats – Do 15 singles. Try and get 2 to 3 sets after a break of 1-2 minutes between each.
  • Bent Over Rows – Do 10 sets with only 3 reps in each.


Rest or simple cardio workout for 30 minutes.


  • Full squats – Do 10 sets with 3 reps in each.
  • Bench Press with a close grip – Do 15 singles only.
  • One arm Snatch – Do 12 sets with 2 reps in each. Use as much weight as you can, without injuring yourself.


Rest or do simple abs workout.


  • Power Clean Lifts – Do 15 singles only.
  • Standing Military Presses – Do 10 sets with 3 reps in each.
  • Parallel Squats – Do 15 singles in a set. Try and do 2 sets.

This is merely an example of a Chaos and Pain workout routine for a week. You can make variations based on what your favorite compound exercises are, and then play around with the intensity and frequency. Do different number of reps and sets and sometimes just singles, to bring variation to workouts. The only rule is to lift hard and to lift more!

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