6 Reasons Nitric Oxide Supplements Are Good For You

One of the most effective performance boosters, Nitric Oxide can be often found in many protein supplements to add more impact. But why should you choose supplements with added Nitric Oxide? Does it really offer you many benefits? Let us find out!

Nitric Oxide was discovered by scientists when they were looking to find an agent that enhanced blood vessel relaxation and regulated vascular tone. It is a signaling molecule that stimulates and enhances several cellular and physiological processes. This is why you see so many protein supplements stacked with Nitric Oxide or N.O., because that makes it easier for consumers to get more benefits from a single supplement. The role N.O. plays in improved neurotransmission, cell motility and cell regeneration as well as enhanced immune defense has been well documented by researchers across the globe.

So if you are wondering whether Nitric Oxide supplements are worth investing in or not, we give you 6 reasons why they will improve your bodybuilding endeavors.

1.       An Effective Energy Boost –

For making muscle mass, you need to work out hard and train consistently. Such intense workouts call for abundance of energy, but fatigue soon sets in to muscles. What happens is that lift weight, your body burns all the oxygen readily available. Oxygen is necessary for the anabolic process of muscle building, and in its absence, lactic acid buildup begins. As the acid levels quickly increase in muscle tissues that are struggling to get some oxygen, fatigue sets in and makes you cut your exercises shorter. This is most commonly seen in those who do high rep workouts, and fatigue limits progress drastically.

Nitric Oxide delivers Oxygen at a much faster rate to hard working muscles. As a result, you can delay fatigue and continue with more grueling workouts with more energy. It is an energy booster that makes it possible for you to train longer and harder.

2.      The Perfect Recipe To Burn Fat –

Whether you are exercising to lose weight, or are a body builder who wants to ensure that body fat percentage stays to a minimum, Nitric Oxide can help you reach your goals faster. It is a superb supplement for those who want to cut fat while holding on to their muscle mass, and even those who want to build muscle while minimizing fat gains. How does it help? It accelerates your metabolism, and encourages more fat to be burnt off as fuel to generate the energy you need.

This has been proven in a popular study published in American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism, where 9 subjects who supplemented with nitric oxide, showed more potential to burn off fat faster. So, if you want to minimize fat gains or want to shed fat, N.O. is the perfect choice, along with regular workouts.

3.    Accelerates Recovery Post Workouts –

To maximize athletic performance, recovery is the key. Even if you have the ideal nutrition and the ideal diet, without proper rest and recovery all your endeavors will go to waste. Life sadly doesn’t always co-operate – hectic schedules and lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your body building efforts.

This is where Nitric Oxide steps in; it improves the flow of oxygen and blood to straining muscles. This repair damaged muscles at a faster pace, and removes all fatigue causing toxins from the body readily. Cells that are struggling to recuperate get the necessary ingredients at a faster rate, so that adequate recovery is possible.

4. The Perfect Pump for your Workouts –

For most body builders, it is essential to feel a ‘Pump’ at the gym. This surge of energy makes it possible to hammer out one set after another that blasts through muscles by overcoming fatigue so that maximum growth is attained. Yet, there are times, when getting this ‘pump’ is almost impossible.

Nitric Oxide supplements offer that muscle pump, enhancing your performance at weight lifting and resulting in mind blowing muscle growth. Muscles will swell and gain in size, which will in turn motivate you to work harder at the gym and reach your bodybuilding goals faster.

5.       Get Bigger and Better Muscles –

If you are able to train for longer by delaying fatigue, get the much needed pump to boost confidence and are more focused at the gym, what will be eminent results be? You got it right – bigger and stronger muscles. Nitric Oxide supplements lead to faster gains because they directly and indirectly increase muscle strength as well as muscle mass.

6.       Enhanced Endurance Performance –

For endurance athletes who need to have more stamina, Nitric Oxide is the perfect partner. Many people mistake N.O. to be a supplement for strength athletes – body builders and weight lifters. But this is a misconception, because endurance athletes also need to depend on faster delivery of oxygen to be able to cover more distance at faster speeds. With more oxygen and blood pumping through their veins, endurance athletes can perform better without tiring fast.

This is especially true for endurance athletes who need to perform at higher altitudes. In such conditions, the ability to take in oxygen is noticeably reduced and Nitric Oxide supplements will be able to counter the effects.


Nitric Oxide is an active ingredient in many sports nutritional supplements. The reason behind this is that N.O. works like nothing else can. So, if you have been contemplating whether you should add Nitric Oxide to your supplement stack or not, now is a good time to take the plunge!

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