6 Bodybuilding Diet Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Building a leaner and fitter body is no child’s play. It requires hard work, dedication, smart nutritional choices and many sacrifices. However, at the beginning stage of our body building endeavors, which always involve special diets to boost muscle growth and calorie deficit to ensure that stored fats are used as fuel, we all make a few mistakes. These mistakes can slow down the process of losing weight and building more muscle mass and these are the main reasons fitness buffs often hit a plateau with their weight loss and muscle gain.

Big muscle cannot appear overnight. They take a lot of work and they also require time, patience, accuracy and high determination levels. Think of body building as a science, where all the information is available to you and you learn through practice and each small mistake teaches you something new. However, it will be much better for your weight loss diet and muscle training regimen if you don’t make these mistake sin the first place! So let us find out where most body builders go wrong and pay the price heavily by slow muscle growth and decreased levels of fat loss.

1.    Don’t Be Impatient –

The biggest mistake committed by bodybuilders is that they are impatient with their diet. Some jump from one diet to another because they don’t see the results fast enough, while others keep making modifications to the diet in the hope they will see results faster. Come on, be patient. For any diet to show you weight loss and muscle gain results, it takes a minimum of 21 days, and even then, for some people significant results are only evident after a month or so. So give your diet a chance to prove itself before you decide it isn’t worth your time.

2.    Don’t Eat Haphazardly –

You have a diet chart, and yet you keep changing your diet schedule. You were probably late for office today so ate breakfast by 10am, and were in a meeting so ate lunch only by 4pm and missed a snack in between. Don’t forget, if you miss any meal or eat at random times to have a haphazard schedule, your body will not get the steady flow of amino acids and other nutrients it needs to build more muscle and to lose fat reserves. It isn’t just important to keep an eye on WHAT you eat; it is equally important to also note WHEN you eat the right foods. To build more muscle, your body needs a constant supply of nutrients to maintain positive nitrogen balance.

3.    You Overeat More Often Than You’d Like –

You think that you have worked out too hard at the gym today and must reward yourself with a bigger meal. We all have done that, and seen this doesn’t work. For continuous weight loss and gaining lean muscle, the body needs proteins, carbohydrates and fats in a balanced form. Otherwise, irrespective of your workout, some of the calories will get stored as excess fats and your hard work at the gym will go to a waste. For best results, stick to the portion sizes recommended and shock your body with a high calorie meal once in a while to keep your metabolism revved up. But remember, this meal must also focus on more calories coming from proteins and healthy fats and not from carbohydrate or you will hit a plateau. Overeating is unacceptable; instead practice mindful eating where you eat everything with good intention after putting thought in to it.

4.    You Don’t Keep A Calorie  Count –

You though counting calories are just for girls? Now forget that silly notion and start to log down all the calories you wolf down every day. And that includes the calories coming from tea, coffee, beverages and even sodas. Why are we doing this? In order for you to lose weight as well as build muscle mass, you need to have a clear idea of the number of calories you ate consuming so that you can create a small calorie deficit every week that will mobilize the fat reserves in your body and burn them for fuel. That way you lose fat and not muscle tissue. And this cannot be done unless you have an exact idea of how many calories you are eating every days.

5.    You Use The Weighing Scale And Base Your Progress Only Those Results –

It is good to keep a close check on your weight. And the weighing scales do come in handy. But mind you; weighing scales cannot differentiate between fat, muscle mass and water weight. So the weighing scale alone cannot tell you whether you are making progress or not. What you need to do is measure your body fat percentage and to also measure your body in inches to see whether you are losing inches of fat from all those fat prone areas and building muscle in all the right places.

6.    You Try To Copy Professional Body Builders –

Many of us rely on advice from professional bodybuilders. And while it is good to gain more information, please understand that professional bodybuilders who take the stage to show off their bodies have needs that are very different from amateur body builders who are building on more muscle and losing more fat just to get healthy and look good. So your needs will greatly differ from theirs. They have exercises and trained for years, gone on several diets and taken several supplements to reach their goals. So please understand what is realistically possible for you, considering that you are not a professional body builder.

So make sure that you avoid these 6 mistakes and you are bound to see positive results with your diet and mass building endeavors.

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