5 Top Supplements For Hard Gainers

Being naturally thin has its own disadvantages, especially for men who want to build a better physique that adds to their personality. Fact is; many people judge you by your appearance. And if your appearance is of a scrawny guy, people simply assume you are weak as well. so how can you maximize the efforts you are putting in to your weight training workouts and at the dinner table? With the right supplements of course!

No matter how much you eat, how often you eat and what quality of food you eat, for hard gainers simply eating a balanced diet is not enough to meet their dietary requirements. Sadly, the society we live in often shows no sympathy towards those who are naturally thin. They are told they should be thankful God didn’t make them fat, when in fact; they would give an arm simply to gain a few kilos and build a more impressive physique. So how can you give your body the extra calories it needs to gain muscle mass? Through supplements; and there are quite a few of these that must become a part of your supplement stack. Not only will they maximize your efforts, they will also add to your strength and endurance, helping you gain weight more uniformly. These supplements will amplify the efforts you put in to muscle building and show faster results. Remember, you still need a good balanced diet and an intense weight training routine to see these quick results; the supplements will not replace that.

So, let us look at the 5 top supplements that are especially great for hard gainers because they maximize your efforts and help you achieve your mass gain goals faster.

1.       Whey Proteins –

Nothing is better than whey protein, when it comes to delivering a good dose of fast acting protein that can be readily absorbed as well as utilized by the muscles. Also, whey protein is the best quality of protein because it comes from BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids. These are the highest level of proteins in the protein group.

Whey proteins are made from milk. The best way for a hard gainer to pack on some quality muscle is to have whey proteins first thing in the morning, and post a workout. At both these times, the body is craving a fast digesting protein that helps in muscle maintenance as well as muscle repair and recovery. Products like EAS 100% Whey Protein, Bodyfuelz 100% Whey protein, Ultimate Massive Whey Gainer and ON Gold Standard 100% whey protein are easily available and are all helpful.

2.       Waxy Maize –

Simply put, without the right carbohydrates all your efforts at the gym or the dinner table is going to go waste. Carbohydrate offers fuel for the body; it is carbs that will make you do more reps, more sets and keep you going at the gym for longer. Carbohydrate supplements are of 3 types – complex carbohydrates, simple carbohydrates and waxy maize starch carbohydrates. Out of all three, hard gainers get the maximum benefit from waxy maize, as this is a modified starch that gets absorbed quickly by the body. While whey proteins will assist your body in muscle building, the waxy maize will replenish glycogen stores in your muscle cells. This supplement can be safely used before, during and even after weight training.

Hard gainers have to give special attention to pre-working, intra – workout and post – workout nutrition. Waxy maize supplements, when taken at all three times, will maximize your training efforts by giving you an energy boost. The post workout shake will restore energy faster and assist your body by delivering proteins faster to the muscles that need instant repair and recovery. The two best waxy maize supplements that are worth your money are ON Glycomaize and Nutrex Volu-Gro.

3.       Amino Acids

Amino acids are called ‘building blocks’ of the body. Without amino acids, the human body cannot build muscle tissue, but that is not all. Amino acids are also crucial for faster recovery and repair of muscle tissue. The best supplement you will find in the market will have BCAAs, as these contain the 3 essential amino acids – Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine.

Also, glutamine is a great amino acid to supplement with as well. Found as the most abundant form of amino acid in the body, it fuels not just your muscles but also your immune system and your brain. That means better healing post recovery and better co-ordination while lifting weights. For protein metabolism, L-glutamine plays a crucial role and can reduce catabolism by preventing muscle breakdown as it speeds up muscle repair. As you work hard at the gym, the levels of glutamine in your body deplete faster, creating a need for you to supplement with glutamine.

ON Essential Amino Energy, MetRx BCAA 2200, Bodytech BCAA Powder, ON Glutamine Powder and Vitamin Shopee L-Lysine are the best options for hard gainers looking to maximize their weight gain efforts. These products will reduce impact of catabolism and enhance muscle recovery when taken immediately post workout.

4.       Creatine –

As a hard gainer, building muscle mass is of supreme importance; and nothing works on volumizing your muscles like Creatine does. The most researched muscle building supplement in the world, Creatine will increase your energy levels, enhance the protein synthesis process, improve muscle volume and also act as an effective buffer to lactic acid.

Without Creatine supplementation, you can forget about building big muscles. So potent is Creatine, especially Creatine monohydrate that professional bodybuilders swear by its effectiveness. Vitamin Shopee 100% Pure Creatine, Celltech Hardcore Pro Series, MetRx Hardcore Creatine powder, Endura Creatine and Ultimate Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate are the best Creatine supplement sin the market, offering you better strength and endurance and dramatically increasing the size of your muscles much faster.

5.       Essential Fatty Acids Or EFAs –

Often overlooked by hard gainers and body builders, EFAs are one of the best supplements that maximize your weight gain efforts in many ways. They play a very vital role in muscle growth and muscle recovery. Researchers have found that EFAs can enhance stamina and endurance by 40% to 60%, offer more frequent training without over stressing muscles, speed up recovery and remove exhaustion and improve anabolic muscle development in a Danish Study.

ON Enteric Coated Fish Oil Softgels, Ultimate Nutrition Flax Seed Oil, BSN Syntha – 6, Vitamin Shoppe Omega 3 Fish Oil 300 EPA and Vitamin Shopee Lecithin Granules are just a few of the good options available in the market. These supplements will improve sleep, boost immunity and even reduce inflammation in muscles, which happens due to wear and tear of muscles.

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