10 Popular Supplement Myths Smashed

If you could get a dollar for every time you heard someone made a false claim about supplements, you’d be rich! The sad truth is that people still cling on to the many myths that seem to surround quality supplements. Is there even an iota of truth attached to the most popular myths? Let us find out!

Some supplements make you fat and most supplements are a waste of money – that is the average thinking of most people. If supplements were so useless, why would they be stressed upon by so many doctors, researchers and athletes the world over? Sit back and think – your grandmother stressed about the fact that a good balanced diet is enough for you to stay fit, stay in shape and stay immune to most common diseases. She was right, but times have changed. Today inorganic farming methods have reduced the amount and the quality of nutrients in almost all food types – be it meat, dairy, grains, fruits or vegetables. So where will you get the much needed nutrients that are essential in your daily dietary intake to keep your body healthy? Of course, from supplements! So let us separate the facts from fiction, and let us look at different supplements with a clearer mind. But before that, let us find out what the 10 most common myths surrounding supplements are and see how there is no truth attached to them.

1.       Proteins Can Make You Fat –

The only thing that makes you fat is ingesting more calories than you can burn. You need a minimum amount of quality protein every day to build more muscle. If you don’t, you will not pack on more lean muscle mass. On the other hand, if you drink glass after glassful of whey proteins and do not exercise, then obviously you intake more calories than what you need. The body will automatically convert extra calories in to fat and store them. So it isn’t the whey protein that is making you fat, it is your inactive lifestyle.

2.      All Supplements Are A Waste Of Money –Do you think that all those athletes and researchers who have been harping on the benefits of supplements are lying? No, supplements are not a waste of your money, if you understand which one is the right one for you. If you lead an inactive lifestyle and still eat glutamine or creatine, of course it is a waste of your money. Those are supplements best suited to people with an active lifestyle, who go to the gym 5 days a week and undertake strength training and weight training. If you simply want to boost your immunity and achieve overall better health supplements like multivitamins and omega 3 fatty acids are the right ones for you. So before you claim that supplements are a waste of money, find out whether you even did enough research or not before choosing a supplement.

3.       If You Eat A Balanced Diet You Don’t Need Supplements –

That would be true in a virtual world, where eating red meat will give you enough Creatine, eating oily fish would give you enough Omega 3’s and eating lean meat would meet with your protein requirements. Truth is; though a balanced diet is a must for any active person, the amount of nutrients in natural foods are not enough to meet with our daily dietary needs. So if you are a serious bodybuilder or a fitness conscious person, you will have to supplement your diet with some or all of these supplements.

4.       All Supplements Are Of Same Quality –

This is again not true. Different companies will have different extraction processes and will follow different standards. We don’t mean to say that only expensive whey powders or Creatine powders are worth investing in, but what we mean to say is that only because the product is expensive doesn’t mean that it is the best. It is best to talk to dieticians, doctors and professionals when it comes to choosing the right supplement. There is so much variety in the market today that without a thorough research you will not find the best value for money product for your specific needs.

5.       Creatine Is A Steroid –

On which planet, is creatine a steroid? Creatine is, in fact, a natural substance that we need to provide energy to muscle cells. It can be attained in natural forms by eating enough red meat. Creatine is safe and natural. The steroids you are talking about are sold as performance enhancing testosterone supplements, which are dangerous when used in excess.

6.       Supplements Will Improve Your Strength And Endurance And Enhance Muscle Mass Even If You Don’t Exercise –

This has to be the most common myth about supplements. Please understand, a supplement can only aid your body in to getting bigger, better and stronger muscles. It will battle stress, improve blood circulation and enhance your endurance levels, but only if you exercise. These aren’t some magic pills that will help you get stronger and more muscular, even if you don’t exercise or weight train. The main role of supplements is to amplify your weight training and strength training routine, not replace them.

7.       Supplements Have Several Side Effects –

The truth is that all supplements carry ingredients that are naturally either found in the body itself, but not in sufficient quantities, or are contained in the food we eat, again not in sufficient quantities and not always of the highest quality. Supplementation yields in almost no side effects, unless of course, you start taking supplements you might be allergic to without the prior approval of your doctor.

For all of you who worry creatine can cause kidney failure, please know that numerous researchers across the globe have conducted various studies, all of which have revealed that creatine is neither toxic nor does it adversely affect renal functioning in any way. Also, studies have revealed that creatine does not cause muscle cramps. In fact, a study done by Mayhew, Mayhew and Ware at Truman State University has successfully proven that Creatine has no effects on renal functioning of the body, and in fact people who supplement with creatine have fewer muscle cramps and injuries.

8.       Everyone Experiences The Same Benefits From Supplements –

That is not true. Just like the same supplements made by different brands can have different effects on different people, similarly not every supplements will prove to be beneficial for you. To know which supplement is best for you, you have to use the trial and error method by giving each one a try. Some people feel great bursts of energy by a pre-workout protein supplement that enhances their strength and others might need a supplement that also has nitric oxide and creatine to see the same results.

9.       High Protein Diets Are Unhealthy And Often Not Necessary –

There is no research that says a high protein diet will adversely affect healthy functioning of a kidney or put excess stress on digestive system. Just know, if you are intaking a high protein diet, you need to burn all those extra calories in order to stay healthy. Ingesting extra proteins that are not used by the body at all could be unhealthy. Also, high protein diet is not only for bodybuilders. It also is beneficial for anyone who regularly works out, because it helps to build stronger muscles much faster. Exercising breaks down muscle mass, and if you don’t eat enough protein your body will not be able to do the necessary muscle repair and recovery.

10.   Fat Burners And Omega 3 Supplements Are A Waste Of Money –

Fat burners are potent tools that can accelerate your metabolism, increase your basal temperature and raise your heart rate. All that will naturally help you burn calories even outside the gym, which is what you need if you want to lose a lot of excessive weight fast. It will accelerate the weight loss process, thereby proving that they are quite useful for those who don’t have 3 years to lose 10 kgs.

Similarly, Omega 3 fatty acids are not a waste of money, because they are essential fatty acids that cannot be produced by your body. You need to get them through food, and if your dietary intake is missing out on oily fish, flaxseeds, olive oil and nuts, then you need to supplement your diet with Omega 3s. especially if you workout excessively, Omega 3 supplementation is a must to prevent inflammations, promote healing and mobilize your fat cells to burn off as fuel.

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